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Important Points To Consider When Choosing Your Hernia Surgeon:

  • Be sure to find a surgeon who focus’ on hernias, makes them a priority in their practice, tracks their patient outcomes and publishes that data for future patients to review. This will help you choose a quality surgeon for your care.
  • Ensure your surgeon performs a high volume of hernia surgeries. No one in any field can be proficient if they are only doing something a couple of times a month.
  • Being treated at a specialized hernia center with an in-house team focused on just hernia repairs provides the highest quality care before, during, and after your hernia surgery and allows for more successful outcomes.
  • Patients should be seen by a surgeon who can offer all forms of hernia surgery, including open as well as advanced minimally invasive techniques. This ensures your surgeon can offer the best technique tailored for your case.
  • Most laparoscopic patients experience less pain postoperatively and often can return to normal activities sooner. Laparoscopic hernia surgery can result in better patient experiences for some patients.
  • Knowing what the expected recovery will include, including pain management, sets the road to a successful outcome even before the surgery starts.

Time To Take Action?

75% of hernias will get progressively larger and more painful with time! We highly
recommend scheduling a visit with us when any hernia symptoms occur.

Why Dr. Harris For Your Hernia Care?

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quote-start-white-lg   Dr. Harris, Thank you for saving Justin’s life. You saw how much he suffered. When no pediatric surg/gi would touch him, you saved him!
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