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Dr. Harris Specializes in Hernia Repair

I am dedicated to the diagnosis of, treatment for, and recovery from, all hernia types. Myself and our website will help guide you through learning the symptoms of hernias, the different types of hernias, and the options for treatment. Once you’ve decided to seek treatment, review our patient outcomes data to help you choose the best surgeon for your care and then schedule your appointment with us online.


Learn More About Hernias

Friendly Staff. Little Wait Time!

We provide our patients with a comprehensive center. Your consultation, surgery, and follow up are all within our hernia center. You can’t find a more concierge approach to hernia care in the country. Plus, we respect your busy schedule and promise to minimize your wait time.


What Sets Dr Harris Apart?

"I don't have multiple offices with a variety of staff and services. My one center is dedicated to providing your consultation, surgery and follow up all at one location to maximize your quality of hernia care. I actively publish our hernia outcomes data to allow future patients to make the most educated decision on who to trust with their hernia care. Because of my experience, I serve as a trainer for surgeons across the country who are interested in furthering their education in hernia repairs and I speak about hernias at national medical conferences." - Dr.Harris

Dr. Harris is the highest rated hernia surgeon on HealthGrades and Yelp, and his patient outcomes are consistently better than most surgeons across the country. Our passion, pride in our work, and focus on hernia care is reflected by our patient's feedback and our outcome data.

Did You Know?

Medical Studies have shown that over 75% of hernias will get progressively larger and more painful with time. This is why we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with us when any symptoms occur to determine the best course of action.


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