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California Hernia Specialists provides 'specialty care for hernia repair'.

We are dedicated to the diagnosis of, treatment for, and recovery from, all hernia types. Our website will help guide you through learning the symptoms of hernias, the different types of hernias, and the options for surgical repair:

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Call today to see why California Hernia Specialists is the preferred center for hernia repair in California.

At California Hernia Specialists our patients experience a calm, relaxed, professional environment for the evaluation and treatment of their hernia. We ensure that each patient is given the time they need to ask questions, get detailed answers, and feel comfortable about their treatment plan.

Our practice differs from most other locations around the country in that your consultation, surgery, and follow up are all within our complete center. By having an accredited Surgery Center within our facility, it allows us to maintain the highest quality, best outcomes and most comprehensive service.

Todd S. Harris, MD is the Medical Director for California Hernia Specialists. Dr. Harris was awarded the 2014 and 2015 Physician of Excellence Award given by the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA). California Hernia Specialists is a member of the American Hernia Society Research Collaborative and was featured by the OCMA for their quality of care for hernia patients.

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